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Technical Services

Technical Services Subheader

Are you realizing the full value of your investments in hardware? Guarantee your systems’ optimal performance by taking advantage of Telecom Computer’s repair and configuration services. And rely on our IT staffing solutions to ensure that you’ve got the right people to run those systems, no matter how hard it can sometimes seem to find talent. If you want to get new equipment up and running fast, we’re the industry leaders you can count on. And if you need highly qualified personnel, we’ll help you find the talent that’ll give your business a competitive edge.

Telecom Computer provides the following Technical Services

Computer Repair

When your laptop stops working, where can you turn? If your desktop system has slowed down, who can get its performance back up to speed? When you need reliable repairs, and you need them ASAP, contact a member of Telecom Computer’s experienced technical team. We repair most major manufacturers’ devices. We’ll help you maximize the return on your hardware investments by extending your devices’ lifespans and optimizing their performance. Click here to learn more about our Computer Repair service.


Businesses of every size in every industry are being affected by today’s shortage of IT talent. But Telecom Computer can help. Drawing on a deep talent pool and resources we’ve developed over years of experience, we’ll recruit the employees who are best qualified to meet your organization’s unique needs. When you turn to our end-to-end staffing solutions, you’ll find the right people to give your business a competitive edge. Click here to learn more about our IT Staffing service.


Whether you’re buying new equipment or upgrading hardware, you’re probably hoping to increase your employees’ productivity, not create headaches. How can you make sure the transition will be as smooth as possible? Rely on Telecom Computer’s highly experienced, certified technicians to get your new systems up and running fast. Our comprehensive configuration services include everything from hardware installation and assembly to software setup. Plus, we’ll perform the right tests to guarantee that it’ll all work perfectly the first time you turn it on. Click here to learn more about our Configuration service.