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Do you want to reduce your business’s IT spending while increasing agility and efficiency? The single most effective way to do so is by turning to virtualization technology. Virtualization can reduce the cost, overhead and burden of administering your IT infrastructure. Virtualization combines software and hardware technologies to make it possible for a single physical server to consolidate several workloads within one box. It allows for the creation of software-based—or virtual—representations of resources, including applications, servers, storage and networks. Telecom Computer provides desktop, server, and network virtualization services. In desktop virtualization, the desktop environment and its associated application software are separated from the physical client used to access it. Server virtualization is the masking of server resources—including the number and identity of physical servers, processors, and operating systems—from users. Network virtualization combines hardware and software resources and network functionality into a single, software-based administrative entity. Our engineers specialize in implementing and maintaining VMware, Microsoft and Citrix server virtualization products. NSX is VMware’s network virtualization solution. It is a network virtualization platform that allows network administrators to initialize, control, change and manage network behavior dynamically. Microsoft Hyper-V is a native hypervisor and virtualization platform that enables multiple operating systems to run on a single physical server using virtual machines. Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop can securely deliver Windows applications and desktops to any device. Citrix XenServer is an industry-leading server virtualization platform that can optimize app and desktop performance. Contact a member of our engineering team to learn more about how today’s virtualization technology can help your business save money and boost performance.

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