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Virtual Desktop Computing

End-User Computing » Virtual Desktop Computing

With virtual desktop computing, users keep all the benefits of the traditional desktop computing environment while also gaining the advantages of host virtualization technology. This technology enables users to access a ‘virtual’ computer desktop that is visually and functionally identical to that of a physical PC, but is hosted remotely on a centralized server located in a data center. Virtual desktops are becoming increasingly popular because they can be accessed by any device, from anywhere. Choosing a virtual desktop environment can also lower costs by reducing your need for workstation hardware upgrades. And they’re flexible: users can easily switch between operating systems such as Windows XP and Windows 10. Telecom Computer’s team of skilled systems engineers can design, implement and support your virtual desktop environment. We specialize in Citrix XenDesktop and VMWare Horizon solutions. Citrix XenDesktop is a platform that allows multiple users to remotely access and run Microsoft Windows desktops installed in a data center or running on a public or private cloud. VMWare Horizon is a full suite of products and technologies that help IT administrators centrally manage end-user assets. A member of our engineering team would be delighted to give you a demonstration of these products, so that you can see for yourself how desktop virtualization can help your business become more agile and efficient.

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