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IT security risks are among the greatest threats to your business today. Today’s attack landscape is vaster and more complex than ever before. Wired and wireless networks require secure access control, user authentication and device authorization protocols that allow for flexibility and multiple levels of access. Threats continue to evolve, and it’s wise to be proactive. At Telecom Computer, we want to ensure that security is embedded within every part of your IT infrastructure. We offer both Internet- and LAN-based security solutions to provide a multi-layered approach to protection. Internet-based solutions keep attackers out by securing the perimeter of your network, the point where it connects directly to the public Internet. We offer select products from the industry’s leading vendors, including ESET, McAfee and Symantec. LAN-based solutions detect and isolate threats that make it past your perimeter-based defenses, offering an additional layer of protection. We provide solutions from Barracuda and Fortinet. Many of today’s attackers are sophisticated enough to elude a single set of defenses, but few can surmount multiple layers. We also offer black and white box penetration testing. Penetration testing simulates an attack on your system, allowing us to evaluate how well your defenses will perform in the face of real threats. It allows us to pinpoint vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in your security system. Black box testing is performed without specific knowledge about the internal workings of your system, while white box takes place with full knowledge of all source code and open access to architecture documentation. In addition, we offer physical security protection for your IT resources. We supply and support Axis Communications network cameras.

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