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Remote Access Computing

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Many organizations require employees to work outside of the office. Whether they need access to business software from hotels, customer sites, a branch office, or even from home, remote access computing makes it possible, enabling productivity on-the-go. With remote access computing, business applications are delivered to remote users much like a cable TV show is delivered to your television set. Whereas traditional desktop computing involves running applications on the user’s own computer, remote access computing does not. Instead, applications run on a back-end server and the output from those applications—namely, the screen, keyboard, mouse, and audio events—are captured and “broadcast” down to the user’s computer over a highly efficient network session. To the user, it looks and feels as if the applications are running directly on their device. Telecom Computer maintains a team of systems engineers who specialize in remote access computing environments. Our engineers are trained and certified in Citrix XenApp and Microsoft Remote Desktop Services. Citrix XenApp delivers centrally-hosted Windows applications to local devices, with no need to install them there. It enables Windows applications to run on devices with which they’d otherwise be incompatible, including Macs and mobile devices. Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS) comes bundled with Windows. If you run it, your entire desktop will be accessible to remote client computers. Let us show you how remote access computing can enable your employees to work more efficiently by making your business network resources more accessible.

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