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Public clouds are like extensive networks hosted at data centers around the globe. They’re operated by major IT industry vendors, who make their services commercially available to the public by delivering them over the Internet. These services include solutions like infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and software as a service (SaaS). Public cloud services are sold on demand, often making them a highly affordable option, since customers pay only for the resources—CPU cycles, storage, or bandwidth—they actually consume. Fees are generally based on usage levels, as well as the combination of hardware, software and networking features selected by the subscriber. Telecom Computer offers public cloud consulting and integration services, and we are partnered with key providers in the industry. We have extensive training and certifications in several public cloud integration solutions, including VMware vCloud Air (and vCloud Air Disaster Recovery), Amazon AWS, and Microsoft Azure. Public cloud-based services have many advantages, including cost and scalability: it’s easy to incorporate additional resources or services on an as-needed basis. No investments in hardware are required, since all equipment is owned, operated and maintained by the public cloud provider. Public cloud services may come with increased security risks, however, since shared resources with multiple users have more inherent vulnerabilities. They typically don’t perform as well as private cloud services, and are less reliable and customizable.

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