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Private Cloud

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In private cloud computing, an infrastructure is dedicated solely to providing resources for a single organization. It may be managed internally or through a third party. Equipment can reside on-premises or offsite. Two service models can be delivered via private cloud. One is infrastructure as a service (IaaS), which supplies resources including computing, networking and storage. The other is platform as a service (PaaS), in which a third-party provider delivers hardware access and software tools. Telecom Computer provides private cloud design and implementation services. We are vendor-certified for several private cloud solutions, including VMware vSphere and vCloud Suite, Citrix CloudPlatform, and Microsoft Private Cloud. VMware vSphere is a cloud virtualization platform that allows for the implementation and management of virtual machine (VM) infrastructure on a large scale. With VMware vCloud Suite, organizations can build private cloud infrastructure using an integrated collection of VMware software products, including components for cloud services provisioning and monitoring. Microsoft Azure Stack is a version of Microsoft’s public cloud that can be maintained on-premises. Azure Stack enables organizations to hold sensitive information within their own private data centers while retaining the benefits of the Azure public cloud. Private clouds offer better security than public cloud services and are more customizable and reliable. Organizations in highly regulated industries like healthcare and financial services may not be able to maintain compliance without implementing private cloud solutions, because of the public cloud’s multi-tenancy. Private cloud solutions tend to have higher start-up and operating costs, however. And the heightened security they offer may make remote access more difficult.

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