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End-User Computing » Mobility

Today’s workplace has evolved far beyond the confines of the traditional brick-and-mortar office. Employees are now encouraged—if not expected—to use personal electronic devices (such as laptops, smart phones and tablets) to access business applications and other network resources. But permitting employees to bring personally owned devices into the workplace (called BYOD) and allowing them to use these devices to access privileged company information and applications poses significant security and administrative challenges. To help you overcome these challenges, Telecom Computer supports several mobility and BYOD platforms, including HP IMC and User Access Control, Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) and Aruba ClearPass. HP’s Intelligent Management Center (IMC) is a unified infrastructure management solution that provides complete visibility into all resources, services and users in the entire network. It includes tools that automate configuration management and reduce its complexity, as well as improving security in the system as a whole. Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) allows for the creation and enforcement of access policies for all endpoint devices connecting to the network. ISE simplifies identity management, streamlines policy administration, and improves guest experience. A contextual policy management platform, Aruba ClearPass brings the robust access control and security of a wired network into your wireless environment. These tools enable our engineering team to identify and keep track of the devices accessing your network, improving security while ensuring that its resources are readily available whenever you need them.

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