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Hybrid Cloud

Cloud Computing » Hybrid Cloud

In the hybrid cloud model, your business can take advantage of the public cloud’s scalability and accessibility while also benefiting from the customizability of a private cloud solution. If you adopt this model, you’ll internalize some resources while offloading other parts of your workload to the public cloud. You might keep your most sensitive data (ie., trade secrets, intellectual property, etc.) private, while relying on the public cloud when you need more elasticity, redundancy, storage or processing power than you have available. Telecom Computer offers hybrid cloud consulting, design, implementation, and integration services. We partner with the industry’s key providers, including VMware vCloud Air (and vCloud Air Disaster Recovery), Citrix CloudPlatform, and Microsoft Private Cloud with Azure. Among cloud service solutions, hybrid clouds are the most flexible. Organizations can choose where their applications and data are hosted. They’re also very agile: it’s possible to mitigate outages by relying on the public cloud at times when there’s great demand for resources. And they’re more accessible: mobile and remote users will enjoy easier access. Hybrid clouds are more complex, however, and managing their infrastructures requires advanced training and more product knowledge. They tend to be more expensive than either public or private clouds, and offer less security than private clouds, since they shared some of the public cloud’s vulnerabilities. In many ways, the hybrid cloud model is proving itself to be the optimal choice for enterprise IT since it allows businesses to maintain tight control over their computing environments while sending non-mission-critical workloads to the public cloud to take advantage of its flexibility.

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