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Cloud Migration

Cloud Computing » Cloud Migration

Cloud migration is the process of moving data from your organization’s onsite computers to the cloud or moving it from one cloud environment to another. In some cases, cloud services can greatly benefit your business, but there are times when a cloud migration doesn’t make sense. You’ll need to consider your existing infrastructure—from hardware to application portfolios, to network architecture and beyond—to determine whether moving to the cloud is the right choice for your organization. Telecom Computer can help you answer all your cloud migration questions. We have extensive experience supporting cloud computing infrastructures, and have the know-how to keep your data safe—and maintain your productivity—throughout the transition. A successful move to the cloud requires careful planning and deliberation: you’ll need to craft a migration strategy, assess risks, and plan for surprises. We’ll also help you evaluate costs. Cloud migration can reduce your hardware and IT staffing expenses, but the financial benefits differ for each application. Applications with resource demand levels that vary greatly or irregularly yield a greater return on investment when moved to the cloud, while those that rely on legacy enterprise hardware might be more expensive to run there. Some might not work at all. And we can assist you in choosing the right cloud environment. While public, private and hybrid clouds all have their benefits, they’re not equally able to meet all business needs. We can aid you in evaluating the pros and cons of each solution.

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