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Print Services

Print Services Subheader

Is your business spending too much on printing, copying and imaging? Telecom Computer can help streamline your print operations to bring these expenses down. We offer total cost of ownership (TCO) assessments that will improve your ability to make sound hardware purchasing decisions. Our manufacturer-certified repair services can maximize the lifespan and performance of your current print fleet. We also offer comprehensive Managed Print services. For a simple per-page price, we’ll take control of your entire paper-communications environment to boost efficiency, reduce waste and save money. With our Print Services you’ll spend less to get better quality results.

Telecom Computer provides the following Print Services

Printer Repair

Why replace your printer if a quick fix is all you need? Telecom Computer can increase the life expectancy of your current print fleet with diligent maintenance and necessary repairs. We service a wide variety of printers from the industry’s top manufacturers, and offer convenient billing options to fit your budget. Our highly experienced and manufacturer-certified technicians offer rapid-response services to customers throughout the greater Toronto area. Click here to learn more about Printer Repairs.

TCO Assessments

Do you know how much your new printer will cost your business over its entire lifetime? Far too often, decision-makers look only at a device’s sticker price, and fail to consider other operating expenses. Yet the ongoing costs of printing—including paper, electricity, toner and repairs—can add up until they’re many times greater than the device’s original purchase price. Telecom Computer can provide a detailed and thorough print cost analysis that will take all of these factors into consideration. Click here to learn more about our TCO Assessment service.

Managed Print

The hidden costs of printing can really add up. Between energy, paper, supplies, maintenance and service charges, the ongoing operating expenditures for printing and imaging are significant. Managed Print Services allow you to gain control over these expenses by reducing them to a simple cost-per-page price. Telecom Computer’s Managed Print service includes everything your business needs—we’ll supply hardware and maintain it, order supplies and replenish them. We can help you become more productive and efficient in all your paper-based communications. Click here to learn more about our Managed Print services.