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Printing costs most companies much more than their leaders realize. Not only can consumables—such as toner, paper, and cartridges—cost up to four times as much as the printer itself over the course of its lifetime, but additional costs—for electricity, maintenance and repairs—can be unpredictable and uncontrollable. That’s why more than half of today’s businesses have turned to Managed Print services (MPS). Telecom Computer’s customized solutions can reduce day-to-day operating costs by as much as 30%, and will provide increased visibility into your network’s print resources to ensure that you’re using them efficiently. With MPS, budgeting is simple, and expenditures are predictable. You’ll no longer need to buy hardware. Instead, for a flat cost-per-page (CPP) price, you’ll get everything your business needs for printing and imaging—the use of devices, infrastructure, repairs, maintenance, and consumables. We also include detailed analytics that provide actionable insights into your usage patterns and supply levels. We’ll automatically alert you when supplies run low, so you can order more just in time. Billing and scheduled maintenance are also automated to streamline operations. You’ll use fewer consumables, reduce waste and even decrease your energy consumption. We’ll upgrade devices regularly to optimize their efficiency. Telecom Computer has a proven track record of success in managing print services. We’ve got the know-how to help you be more productive and efficient in all your paper-based communications.

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