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Your business’s performance is supported by technology. So you have to be sure: will the network you depend on work when you need it to? When you turn to Telecom Computer’s proactive remote monitoring and management (RMM) services, you can relax. We’ve got your back. With RMM, your off-site managed IT service provider can supervise and control every aspect of your network to detect and prevent problems. Our proactive approach allows us to identify and resolve issues as soon as they arise—often before our clients even notice them. When we set up RMM, we install a small piece of software (called an agent) on each device—servers, desktops, even tablets and mobile devices—that’s part of your network. These agents collect information about the status and health of the network and report it back to us, enabling us to see how your hardware is performing and which applications are running in your environment. RMM is a powerful tool, allowing us to complete many preventative maintenance tasks remotely, including performing backups, installing software updates and patches and defragmenting hard drives. Routine maintenance tasks can also be automated. RMM is both efficient and cost-effective. You get peace of mind, knowing that our experienced technicians are always on hand, monitoring the alerts and reports your system generates via their dashboard. And you avoid costly service calls and downtime. Contact a member of our managed services team to learn more about how RMM can benefits your organization.

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