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When you’ve got an issue or concern—any time of day or night—you can call the Help Desk. But when the engineers monitoring your network need support, who do they call? Our Network Operations Centre (NOC) provides the comprehensive back-end resources our engineering team relies on when performing maintenance and resolving problems. Operating in tandem with our Help Desk, and as a central hub from which we run RMM software, our NOC is fully monitored at all times of the day and night, 24/7/365. We use tools, processes and procedures to watch for conditions that require our attention. These might include DDoS attacks or power outages, equipment failures or router black holes. We keep an eye out for intruders, monitor traffic, make sure your software versions and backups are current, and even track the temperature of your hardware. Our state-of-the-art facility includes multiple video display walls that give us second-to-second updates on the state and performance of your network. If there are anomalies, we’re instantly alerted. We also monitor current news and weather events, because these also have the potential to affect IT infrastructure. The services performed in our NOC are truly comprehensive. They include: performance reporting and generating recommendations for improvement, firewall monitoring and intrusion prevention, backup and storage management, threat analysis, software installation and patching, policy enforcement, troubleshooting and more. To learn more about how Telecom Computer’s reliable and cost-effective managed services can reduce your expenses while boosting productivity and efficiency, get in touch with a member of our managed services team today.

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