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Technicsl Services

About Telecom Computer Sub Header

We meet industry-leading turnaround times to get equipment up and running fast. The unnecessary diversion and waste of internal resources is no more. With our experience, we feel supremely confident in our abilities to exceed your demands by making efficient use of time and with seamless integration. We are able to fulfil installations with minimal disruption to your day-to-day operations. Our A+ certified technicians guarantee the utmost quality of configurations, installations and integrations, and ensure that all continuity requirements are met.

Telecom Computer provides the following Technical Services

Computer Repair

Working with our technical team ensures seamless system reliability and superior performance. Should you experience any problems with desktops, laptops, tablets, etc. send them to us, and we'll have them repaired and ready for redeployement in no time. With Telecom Computer you always get the most out of investments in hardware and applications. Click here to learn more about our Computer Repair service.

IT Staffing

Telecom Computer offers an end-to-end solution for your IT staffing needs. We are experienced as an IT staffing agency; drawing on a deep talent network, we offer speed, a solid reputation and all types of placement. We provide improved resource utilization, as well as a single point of accountability for our clients. Let us free up valuable internal resources and find the right people to help you get IT done. Click here to learn more about our IT Staffing service.


Our services include on-site installation of servers, PCs and networking equipment. We can install all hardware components, unpack and set up equipment, perform power-on tests, install networking, connect fibre, cable and wireless systems, transfer data files and provide full integration with current networks. We help satisfy all software requirements, for any configuration, from operating systems to anti-virus. Click here to learn more about our Configuration service.