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Recycling Services

About Telecom Computer Sub Header

WEEE Recycle IT is an authorized OES Service Provider. We provide customers with a convenient way to dispose of redundant electronic equipment (WEEE). We are a division of Telecom Computer. Our company is here to help you dispose of all WEEE (Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment) in accordance with OES (Ontario Electronic Stewardship) government standards. Everything is either recycled or refurbished for continued future use, conditional on the customer's will. In providing a valuable service to our customers, we are also helping save the environment.

Telecom Computer provides the following Recycling Services

Local Pickup

Telecom Computer can assist with larger-scale system refreshes by picking up bulk electronic waste for clients anywhere within the GTA. Visit WEEE Recycle IT to learn more about our Local Pickup service.

Certified Data Destruction

Software technology has advanced to the point where data can be retrieved at low cost to "data thieves". The only guranteed protection is to have data shredded. We use an environmentally-friendly shredding process, and can provide our customers with a Certificate of Destruction, upon request. At WEEE Recycle IT we take pride in offering you peace of mind. Visit WEEE Recycle IT to learn more about our Certified Data Destruction service.

Free Dropoff

Drop off your electronic waste for free at 5245 Harvester Road, Burlington, Ontario. Visit WEEE Recycle IT to learn more about our Free Dropoff service.