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One of the greatest risks facing organizations today is the threat of information security attack or exploitation. In the early days of computing, the most common threats were PC-based virus attacks so anti-virus software became the norm. When the Internet became publicly available in the early 1990s, the threat shifted to packet-based attacks over Internet Protocol, so firewalls became necessary. Today, the attack landscape is more vast and complex than ever before. Traditional LAN networks with unrestricted RJ-45 data jacks spread across the campus have transitioned to secure wired access via network access control (NAC) and user authentication. Wireless networks have also evolved, from traditional open-ended or password protected access to multi-level user and device authentication and authorization. In short, times have changed; where implicit trust was once the model of information security, organizations today wisely adopt a security posture of “trust no one”.

Security solutions encompass many parts of IT, but the two most common implementations of security are Internet security solutions and LAN security solutions. Internet security solutions provide protection against Internet-borne threats at the perimeter, the point at which the organization connects directly to the Internet. LAN security solutions provide protection against both Internet-borne threats and internal threats. With the threats that exist today, it is no longer adequate to provide one layer of security (ie. Internet) without the other (ie. LAN). Many “Day Zero” attacks are sophisticated enough to elude one layer, but having two layers of security will mitigate most attacks. The risk posed by the security threats of today is severe. Organizations without sufficient protection against these threats face the very real possibility of exploitation and, in some cases, damage beyond their capability to recover. With extensive experience and a host of solutions available, Telecom Computer is uniquely qualified to assist you with your IT security needs. Our team of system engineers would be happy to meet with you and discuss the solutions available.