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The network layer of any IT infrastructure is arguably the most important component. Like a multi-lane highway between major cities, it is the responsibility of the network to transport large, mission-critical parcels of data as quickly as possible between connected stations. Because the reliable transfer of this data is so important to the health of the information system, the network must also be capable of self-healing and re-routing data in the event that one of the critical pathways has been disrupted. Networking technologies today encompass far more than the traditional wired Ethernet LANs of the past. While wired LAN networks have certainly evolved – with 10, 40, and 100 Gigabit solutions available today – there are countless new ways to transfer data in the modern era. Wireless technology, for example, has improved so greatly in the last ten years that it is now present in most homes, businesses, and organizations. Replacing the wired LAN in many cases, wireless LAN allows employees, guests, and residents to access critical information services from a variety of devices – including laptops, smart phones, and tablets. As well, wireless technologies can provide connectivity solutions in situations where physical cabling would be impractical or impossible; for example, two buildings separated by considerable distance but with full line-of-sight between them.

Whether an organization chooses to connect its resources via wired or wireless solutions, there will always be a requirement for the data being transported to be sent and received quickly, reliably, and securely. The modern computer network is the cornerstone of every information system, and Telecom Computer is uniquely qualified to assist you with your networking requirements. Our team of network engineers would be happy to meet with you and discuss the solutions available.