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Professional Services

About Telecom Computer Sub Header

At Telecom Computer, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer industry-leading computing solutions at affordable prices. Telecom Computer can increase the efficiency of your company by providing everything from server and storage consolidation, to network audits, VMware migration and wireless infrastructure solutions. We are also skilled at providing storage, backup and recovery of your data. Telecom Computer has the certified technical resources to provide a full range of Tier-1-based Professional Services. Our Professional Services typically have 3 components; planning, implementation and maintenance.

Telecom Computer provides the following Professional Services

End-User Computing

Business computing has changed considerably in the last twenty years. Whereas computers were once a supplementary tool to assist office staff with their largely paper-based tasks, they are now responsible for running most modern businesses. This is why the end-user computing experience is more important than ever. With more and more employees being expected to perform their job-related functions at a computer, it is absolutely necessary that access to critical business applications be made easier, quicker, and possible from anywhere the employee happens to work. Providing employees with the right tools to do their jobs effectively results in higher productivity and efficiency for the entire organization. Telecom Computer’s End-User Computing practice consists of the following four areas:

  1. Traditional Desktop Computing
  2. Virtual Desktop Computing
  3. Remote Access Computing
  4. Mobility

Cloud Computing

In the modern computing age, clouds – which are simply resource provider networks – work exactly the same way as they always have, with two key differences: firstly, clouds can be anywhere; and secondly, clouds can both grow and shrink to meet the resource demand placed on them. Thanks to the global availability of the Internet, clouds can literally exist anywhere. Wherever IP – or Internet Protocol – is available, clouds can exist. This means that cloud environments offering resources for consumption can be found inside any business or organization (a “private cloud”) or out on the global Internet (a “public cloud”). Our Cloud Computing practice consists of the following four areas:

  1. Hybrid Cloud
  2. Private Cloud
  3. Public Cloud
  4. Cloud Migration

Infrastructure Solutions

Despite all of the advances made in the modern computing era and the inertia behind cloud-based computing environments, one thing remains constant: the need for physical infrastructure. Any organization adopting information technology today – assuredly almost all of them – depend on physical infrastructure to support the information system. Whether an information system is comprised of a single computer and printer or an entire datacenter full of server racks, it all comes down to two things: hardware and software. In order to leverage our strength and experience in the IT industry, Telecom Computer has arranged its Infrastructure Solutions practice around the following eight categories:

  1. Software
  2. Security
  3. Networking
  4. Servers
  5. Storage
  6. Virtualization
  7. Communications
  8. Management