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Procurement Services

About Telecom Computer Sub Header

We make it easy for our customers to acquire any ICT products or services they need. Whether large-scale hardware demands, software solutions or the ongoing supply of components and peripherals, we can fulfill your ICT requirements. At Telecom Computer, we offer very competitive prices, and provide our customers with strong, effective procurement planning and support. Our Online Store makes purchasing through Telecom easier than ever! Check online for the latest deals on tablets, desktops, notebooks and more. Professional corporate account services are also available to those customers who require them. Telecom Computer also provides scalable purchasing solutions like consumption-based pricing.

Telecom Computer provides the following Procurement Services


Telecom Computer will always do our best to individually cater to your unique budget. We are experienced with system refreshes and integrating new technology to increase power, performance and energy efficiency. Technology is constantly changing and at Telecom Computer we specialize in keeping you competitive by remaining modern. Contact us to ensure fast and effective product sourcing. Telecom Computer provides best-of-breed products in partnership with Apple, Axis, Cisco, Citrix, Fujitsu, HP, IBM, Lenovo, Microsoft, Symantec, Toshiba, VMware as well as many other leading vendors. Additionally, we provide JIT, ITAM and an Online Store. Click here to learn more about our ICT Sourcing service.

IT Asset Management (ITAM) represents all the systems in place to measure and manage IT assets in an organisation. ITAM supports strategic decision making and life cycle management in your IT environment. We make it easy for you to know when your ICT equipment must be replaced. Telecom Computer will assist with system refreshes, and thus help you remain competitive. It is always important to keep a detailed inventory of all your assets, and to monitor their health properly. Our software can instantly check: maintenance records, repair records, purchase history, etc.

Just-in-time (JIT) is an inventory strategy used by Telecom Computer. With our distribution and warehousing capabilities, we can deploy our products nationwide. Everything is delivered in strict accordance with your schedule, with machines preconfigured. JIT can reduce in-process inventory, and thus reduce the associated carrying costs. Most importantly, these same superior logistics capabilities enable us to reduce the downtime of your employees due to disruption. Ensure on-time delivery, and increase efficiency with JIT logistics from Telecom Computer.

Online Store - Purchasing through Telecom Computer is easier than ever with our Online Store. Check out our Online Store for the latest deals on tablets, notebooks, desktops, consumables and more! Signing up is easy, just visit our Online Store, and hit Create Account on the top right. Have a look at our featured products, search by category or part number. For volume discounts, special pricing or with any questions contact us directly!


Our financing services help maximize the return on your ICT solutions while minimizing your risk. We help keep costs down and easy to manage. Telecom Computer can provide increased financial flexibility through a broad range of leasing options. If your company would rather pay a monthly fee for software or hardware, as opposed to owning it outright, we can accommodate. The accurate planning and budgeting of ICT purchases can result in huge cost savings, and help conserve funds for use elsewhere. We make increased IT efficiency affordable. Click here to learn more about our Financing service.


Telecom Computer has over 20 years of software licensing expertise. Our relationships with Microsoft, Citrix, Symantec, VMware and most other software manufacturers allow us to provide our customers with leading software road-mapping, compliancy and best-practice configurations. Infrastructure convergence requires accurate and pro-active software licensing, since all hardware is dependent on the right software applications to streamline your datacenter and ensure end-user productivity. We can help. Contact Procurement Services to speak with a licensing specialist. Click here to learn more about our Licensing service.