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Technical Services > Configuration

No matter its size, every business is unique. And every business’s technology needs are different, too. One size-fits-all out-of-the-box solutions simply don’t exist: instead you can ensure that your newly-purchased hardware and software is properly set up to meet your unique business needs with Telecom Computer’s value-add configuration services. Our A+ certified technicians can get you up and running quickly and efficiently. We offer customized hardware assembly services including base unit handling, module installation and memory upgrades. We also perform comprehensive testing to make sure that everything—from servers and networking equipment to PCs and software—works exactly as it should the first time you turn it on. And we can track and label every component of your network, to keep your records accurate and complete. We’ll take care of all the steps. From unboxing and unpacking to setup, from laying fiber-optic cables to deploying wireless systems, from file transfer to making sure your older equipment is fully integrated with the new systems—we can do it all. You’ll save valuable time and avoid hassles by relying on our highly-trained and experienced team to configure your systems.