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Your network is the cornerstone of your IT infrastructure. Its speed and reliability are critical to how well your whole business performs. Telecom Computer’s engineering team has experience designing and implementing the solutions—both wired and wireless—that’ll give you a competitive edge. We offer many types of networking solutions, from campus and branch networking to data center-based services, and can support your network at every layer. Today’s campus area networks are accessed by employee devices ranging from traditional desktops and printers to mobile phones and tablets, and need flexible BYOD and identity and access management policies along with robust security. Data center networks connect enterprise-level devices such as switches, routers, load balancers and firewalls. Telecom Computer also offers software-defined network infrastructure solutions. This approach can improve network performance and make monitoring easier, especially if your organization relies on cloud-based computing. We are a certified Platinum HPE Data Center Networking specialist, and a Platinum HPE Infrastructure specialist. Set up a meeting with a member of our network engineering team to learn more about today’s best solutions.