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Telecom Computer provides information technology services and solutions that enable our customers to succeed. With more than 30 years of experience, and top-tier partner relationships with the industry’s leading manufacturers, we have technical expertise in designing, building and maintaining systems that increase efficiency and drive results. Our mission is simple: to offer exceptional customer service. We ensure that our clients are making wise investments in IT infrastructure by helping them find solutions that are innovative, flexible and customized to meet their individual business needs. Telecom Computer’s clients have consistently described their satisfaction levels as among the highest in Canada, and we work hard to continue to deliver these results. Telecom Computer is currently ranked #27 in the CDN Top 100 Solution Providers. We serve businesses large and small in a wide variety of industries. We are headquartered in Burlington, Ontario, with comprehensive facilities that include dedicated distribution and manufacturer-certified repair centers.

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There are as many different IT infrastructure solutions available today as there are businesses. From desktop virtualization to cloud-based computing, hyperconverged systems to wireless area networks, how do you know what your organization actually needs? And which solutions will offer the best return on your investment? Telecom Computer is here to help. Our Professional Services team will guide you in selecting the solutions that can help your business run most efficiently while reducing overall costs. And we keep end-users’ needs front-and-center in everything we do. We supply computing solutions that will enable your employees to access business applications and network resources whenever and wherever they need them. We support both traditional and virtual desktop environments and offer remote network access as well as in-office BYOD platforms. Telecom Computer has been advising business leaders about the benefits and drawbacks to cloud migration since the advent of cloud-based services. We can help you decide which solution—private, public or hybrid—would be best for you, or whether it makes more sense to keep your systems in-house. We also supply and maintain physical and virtual network infrastructures and components.

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You rely on technology to run your business. You need to be certain that your IT systems will work—at all times of day or night. Even on the weekends and holidays. Telecom Computer’s Managed Services team takes a proactive approach to network monitoring and maintenance, 24/7/365. This allows us to identify and resolve issues as soon as they arise—often before you even notice them. With our cost-effective remote monitoring and management (RMM) services, an experienced member of our technical team always keeps a close eye on the health and status of your network. RMM is a powerful tool that allows us to perform preventative maintenance off-site, keeping your system up and running, and making it more reliable and secure. Telecom Computer’s Help Desk staff takes great pride in their ability to solve problems. They’re available around-the-clock to provide you with individualized support and troubleshooting. They’re also proud of their longstanding reputation for providing exceptional customer service. Our Network Operations Centre (NOC) is a state-of-the-art facility supplying the comprehensive back-end resources our engineering team relies on when performing maintenance and resolving problems.

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When you know you need IT products or services, and you want to be sure you’re making the right choices for your business—and getting the best value for your money—where can you turn? At Telecom Computer, our Procurement Services make it easy for customers to get exactly what they need—and nothing they don’t. If you’re looking for the best deals on the latest technology solutions, Telecom Computer’s team of experts can help you find them. Our sourcing solutions include automated IT Asset Management (ITAM) to streamline your inventory tracking and improve supply-chain management. You can also take advantage of our long-term relationships with leading vendors for ready access to best-of-breed solutions at competitive prices. We also offer financing services to help you maximize the return on your investments in IT. We’ll help you identify the payment plan or leasing option that makes the most sense for your business. And we can guide you through the often-complex process of software licensing to ensure that you’re neither leaving yourself vulnerable to fines or a copyright infringement lawsuit nor wasting money on licenses that you’re not actually using. With our new Online Store, purchasing through Telecom Computer is easier than ever before.

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You’ve made major investments in hardware, but now you need support to get—and keep—it up and running. Telecom Computer’s Technical Services team can help. We’ll ensure that your system is properly installed, optimally configured and diligently maintained. Our reliable repair service can extend the lifespan of your devices, so that they’ll continue performing at their best. We also offer IT staffing solutions. If computer problems are slowing you down, Telecom Computer’s repair service will get you back up to speed in no time flat. We also perform general maintenance—everything you need to keep your devices working—reliably, seamlessly, and without glitches. It can be difficult to find the right talent to match your business’s unique needs. We offer highly personalized workplace staffing services that take the guesswork out of the hiring process. When it’s time to install new software or upgrade hardware, you can turn to Telecom Computer’s experienced and certified technical team for help setting it up. Our mission is to provide exceptional customer service, and we’ll make sure your system’s working right the first time you use it.

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Are your printing expenses higher than they should be? Are you getting measurable benefits from your current print infrastructure? Telecom Computer’s Print Services can help your company reduce costs and increase efficiency. Our manufacturer-certified print technicians stay up-do-date with the latest developments in printing and imaging technology to ensure we can find the best solutions for your business. Our printer repair services can extend the lifespan of your hardware through diligent maintenance, troubleshooting, and timely repairs. Our Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) assessments can help you analyze your current spending on printing—taking all the hidden costs (energy, paper, supplies, maintenance and repairs) into account. With this information, you can make the best choices for your business needs and your budget. With Telecom Computer’s convenient managed print services, you’ll no longer need to budget for hardware. Instead, for a flat cost-per-page (CPP) price, you’ll get everything your business needs for printing and imaging—the use of devices, infrastructure, repairs, maintenance, and consumables.

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When your IT systems need an upgrade, how will you dispose of the old equipment? What should you do with a broken smartphone? An outdated fax machine? Telecom Computer offers safe and convenient Recycling Services through our WEEE Recycle IT division. We can help you dispose of many kinds of electronic waste—including printers, monitors, desktop and laptop computers, peripherals, and more—in accordance with OES (Ontario Electronic Stewardship) and government standards. To guarantee that the security and confidentiality of your data will last longer than your physical devices, WEEE Recycle IT offers certified data destruction services. We employ a mechanical shredding process that yields fully-recyclable materials. Upon request, we can issue a Certificate of Destruction when the process is complete. All the electronic waste we collect is either recycled or refurbished for continued use, reducing the amount of waste that ends up in our landfills. We provide a hassle-free solution for dealing with end-of-life electronics, while also helping to preserve our planet for the future.

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