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Telecom Computer is a certified IT Professional Services provider based on Tier-1 manufacturers. Our headquarters are in Burlington, Ontario, and include a distribution depot and a manufacturer-certified repair centre.

Telecom Computer is currently ranked in the top 30 Canadian solution providers, and is celebrating 30 years of providing Tier-1-based IT solutions to clients of all different sizes & industries. Our depth of professional services experience combined with Tier-1 computer and network products allows us to provide certified systems and network solutions.

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At Telecom Computer, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer industry-leading computing solutions at affordable prices. Our solutions typically have three components:

Our team can increase the efficiency of your company by providing everything from server and storage consolidation, to network audits, VMware migration and wireless infrastructure solutions. We are especially skilled in providing storage, backup and recovery of your data. If you ever find your company data has been compromised, be sure to contact Telecom Computer for fast and effective data recovery.

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Telecom Computer offers the best-of-breed technologies from VMware, Citrix and Microsoft – covering server, application and desktop virtualization. Our certified systems engineers and Licensing Team work through your assessment, roadmap, configuration installation and deployment process to ensure a reliable, scalable solution at the best possible price.

Virtualization can only be successful if your infrastructure is stable and optimized – so we offer a preliminary infrastructure assessment to ensure adherence to our overriding principle of “Do it once, do it right”.

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Telecom Computer makes it easy for you to obtain any IT products or services your company may require. Whether you need large-scale hardware/software solutions or simply the ongoing supply of components and peripherals, our e-procurement option makes purchasing through Telecom Computer easier than ever.

Telecom Computer will exceed your IT needs when and where they are required, nationwide. Our team can provide your company with industry-leading product sourcing from our Premier Partners. At Telecom Computer, we offer very competitive prices, and provide our customers with strong, effective procurement planning and support. Financing plans offered through Telecom Computer help to make increased company efficiency affordable.

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Telecom Computer Technical Services caters for fast, efficient and effective deployments. We also offer tailored configuration, installation and integration solutions unique to your company's needs and budget. Our superior logistics management, asset management and warehousing capabilities at Telecom Computer empower us to do so.

Following a rapid and seamless delivery, Telecom Computer can help in providing system maintenance and support, ensuring that your company will enjoy the latest and greatest updates and upgrades for all of your hardware and software. We have an exceptional record of honouring all warranties, and providing fast, effective break/fix services. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff can also help in fulfilling any IT resourcing needs your company may have.

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Telecom Computer Print Services will help you to optimize your printingas our certified technicians, knowledgeable in all the latest print technologies, will help to keep you up to date with training, save you time, and ultimately increase your productivity. Telecom Computer will help maximize the life of existing printers, since it is not always necessary to replace an old printer.

We are experts at optimizing your current fleet through diligent maintenance, add-on parts and general services. Telecom Computer provides secure printing, using several methods to ensure print jobs are only seen by the intended person. We conduct Printer TCO Assessments to determine the total costs of a print operation.

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WEEE Recycle IT provides you with a convenient and cost effective way of recycling your redundant IT equipment. Our company is here to help you to make sure all your electronic waste and electronic equipment (WEEE) is disposed of in accordance with the Ontario Electronic Stewardship (OES) and government standards.

This includes printers, monitors, fax machines, copiers, desktops, laptops, peripherals and all other WEEE. Companies are justifiably concerned that their computer equipment is disposed of properly to ensure that there is that no fraudulent use of their data or disclosure of confidential information. With this in mind, take comfort in knowing that WEEE Recycle IT provides certified data destruction.

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